Introducing .trust, the safest neighborhood on the Internet

Protect your brand, reputation and sensitive data with .trust

Provide consumer confidence with .trust


All .trust applicants are verified before joining the community to provide complete peace of mind that any .trust domain is genuine


All .trust registrants sign up to rigorous security policies and procedures giving confidence that online transactions and interactions via a .trust domain are always safe


All .trust domains are continually monitored against the .trust policies and procedures to ensure compliance

What is the .trust technical policy?

The .trust technical policy is a technical security policy crafted by Internet security experts and industry luminaries to capture the best practices in securing Internet systems and online communications with an organisation's customers, clients and business partners.

It contains practical security requirements that reflect current thoughts and agreement on best practices capable of thwarting today's spectrum of cyber threats and reducing the surface of attack. All brands operating on a .trust domain are required to adhere to the Policy and are subject to a mechanism that promotes a high standard of security to their consumers and business partners.


.trust domain applicants are verified through NCC Group’s Secure Registrar, ensuring that domains are only provided to valid trademark holders of a brand and that only valid representatives of an organization can request changes. 


A .trust domain is operated on the highest standards of security. These standards are encapsulated in the .trust Technical Policy, which has been developed by a committee of industry security leaders. The .trust Technical Policy is an industry first – focusing on securing websites and other critical Internet services while at the same time protecting customers as they transact, interact and share information online. Specifically, it provides guidance and requirements to address network, web application, email, malware and DNS risks.


All .trust domains are monitored by the Continual Monitoring Service (CMS) to ensure they reach and maintain compliance with the .trust Technical Policy. CMS combines best-of-breed tools with a global team of security experts to test for .trust compliance.

Security engineers in the NCC Group Security Operations Center (SOC) manually verify every test result to ensure actionable results and work one-on-one with customers to implement the best practices in security.

What is .trust?

.trust is a unique Top-Level Domain (TLD) that aims to provide a safer, more trustworthy Internet for all. Through a continual process of security review and improvement, .trust signals that a site is a safe place to interact with and do business. Organizations within the .trust community agree to rigorous security policies in order to prohibit the use of .trust domains for malicious activity.

"56% of consumers are not comfortable with the information they have to share to complete online transactions" NCC Group New Internet Study by IDG Research Oct 2014

A .trust domain combines brand protection with the best practices in security to give peace of mind to both organizations and consumers. Contact us today to find out how you can join the safest neighborhood on the Internet.